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My husband retired a couple of years ago and I was determined to not live with a couch potato!

Being the great wife and enthusiastic painter that I am, I lovingly

gifted him with a CNC Router system.  And so it begins!

We have done many personal plaques for family and friends, and hundreds of painting surfaces for the local painting chapters.  We are not a business, just a retired guy trying to keep busy!

If you are local and would like to get some ornaments cut, shoot me an email.  At this time, we do not ship our products, nor do we charge a set up fee for individual cuts.  Pick up locally, or at our next Chapter meeting.

I prefer setting up the cut with an original pdf of the line drawing.  By getting the pdf format rather than a photo, it allows me to see the actual size.  Photos can change dimensions to easily for me to be sure you are getting your cut to the best of our ability.

Again - Please note, these are NOT laser cuts items.   Check out our Surface page and see if there is anything we can do for you.  

3200 Balsam Blvd SE   Port Orchard  WA  98366       360-551-1156

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