As a mother of 4 children, they were my life .. but then.. the unthinkable happened!  They grew up and left!  That's right.. started their own families and moved on...  leaving me with a 6 bedroom home, a husband, and a dog.  So... Hah!  to thwart their evil plan, I went out and found that I enjoyed painting and the friends that came with that! 

You Got It!  I created a New Life!  So now, what do I do with this big empty house?  I invite my friends ( old, new and some not yet met ) over to paint, create, laugh, joke, and sometimes, yes.. even cry.  

Classes were pretty good for a while, but then life jumped in and we had family move into those empty rooms and I got ever so busy elsewhere.  But, I missed my painting friends!

So I am learning how to say No.. sometimes.. and opening the doors again!

Come on in and join me won't you?

If you are interested in being a teacher at one of our monthly classes

please email me at!

Scruffybrush Studios is a Drama Free Positive Painting zone!  

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